Sage Timeslips 2013

Sage Timeslips 2013
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Product Description

An industry-leading time and billing solution, Sage Timeslips 2013 helps businesses of all sizes efficiently manage the time and billing cycle. Sage Timeslips is easy to learn and use, and helps professionals capture time quickly and accurately for greater productivity and increased profitability. It integrates with popular accounting software like Sage 50 Accounting US and QuickBooks, key practice management solutions like Time Matters and Amicus Attorney, as well as Microsoft Office solutions. Sage Timeslips reporting presents critical information to make better decisions, offers simple bill creation and seamless payment tracking, and improves billing access.

Your time is valuable, and your time/expense billings need to reflect all your client-related activities. The more time you spend helping your clients - not on procedural details - the better the chance your business will be more successful. Sage Timeslips 2013 improves accuracy while streamlining the flow of information. You’ll keep on top of all the necessary facts and figures to keep your clients happy and ensure your business stays on target for optimal productivity and profitability.

What is New
Track your time and activities more accurately with a new, fully integrated calendar

Make sure you never miss an important date or forget to add a billing expense on a slip. Not a third-party, add-on component, the new integrated calendar in Sage Timeslips 2013 helps ensure all calendar appointments are accounted for and billed accordingly. Schedule appointments and meetings on behalf of others so everyone is apprised of critical activities. Verify that all slips have been created and be alerted to any missing slips so your time is processed correctly. Utilize different calendar views for your specific needs and make calendars public while still allowing private entries. You can take advantage of:

  • A completely integrated feature within Sage Timeslips 2013 so you don’t need to add yet another software application.
  • The ability to see calendar events of others to better plan your time.
  • Click-and-drag capability to quickly move from one event to another.
  • The ability to color code events to easily see what’s related.
  • Pop-up meeting reminders and “To-Dos” so you cover all your important billing activities.

Delete multiple slips quickly and easily
Now you can save time and increase efficiency by deleting multiple slip transactions simultaneously. You’ll cut out the repetitive, error-prone task of having to delete slips on an individual basis and can use that time more productively.

Print slip notes on prebill worksheets
Ensure a higher level of accuracy even before you bill! Post internal, private slip notes on your prebill worksheets as you go. You can easily communicate necessary information to others in the organization, plus quickly compare the slips to actual work performed for improved billing clarity.

Create formulas for custom date calculations
Enjoy greater flexibility when generating reports and making custom-based calculations based on available date fields. Not only can you add another layer for business intelligence (BI) reporting, you eliminate the need for third-party reporting along with the guesswork of forecasting for various periods of time.

Stay on top of cash flow with new “Average Days to Pay” report
Forecast future earnings more accurately with a new report that shows the average days it takes individual clients to pay invoices. Based on the analysis of historical data, the report helps you better plan for your own current and anticipated expenses.

Customize your electronic billing with relative date capabilities
Your audit house expects hard start and end dates for electronic billing submissions. (For example, from the first to the last of each month or from the fifteenth of one month to the fifteenth of the next.) Remembering to set those every time for each cycle can be a challenge. With Sage Timeslips 2013, however, you no longer need to manually enter start and end dates. Simply set a relative (static) date on a date type custom field, which will automatically change based on the established billing cycle and preset requirement. Of course, you can reset it at any time, but in the meantime, you reduce the risk of “out of cycle” charges.

Generate files as attachments to bills submitted electronically or by email.
Submit receipts along with invoices, so your clients know exactly what they are being billed for. With Sage Timeslips 2013, you can initiate a scan from the slip entry screen and attach documents directly to the slips for billing. Your clients won’t need to ask for documentation, and you can account for all your expenses in one complete bill.
NOTE: Requires TWAIN compatible scanner when scanning is initiated by the Sage Timeslips application

Enter multiple prices for expenses
Clearly identify billing expenses for which you charge different rates back to clients. Sage Timeslips 2013 adds the flexibility to assign a different predetermined price for your expenses - much like the function in Tasks. By defining default levels and quantities, you create up to 20 different price levels per expense item. Reports then automatically reflect these changes so both you and your client can see exactly what is being charged for each expense.

Automatically identify related billing costs with slip triggers
Don’t rely solely on memory to ensure that activities dependent on other tasks or expenses are accurately tracked for billing. The new slip trigger functionality in Sage Timeslips 2013 prompts the system to create a new slip when another slip with a particular task is saved. For example, if you generate a slip that reads “appearance in court” then you can establish a trigger that would immediately prompt you to create an expense for “travel time to court.”

Save money and paper with duplex printing
Cut paper waste while maintaining the integrity and professional appearance of your bills with the new duplex printing setting3 in Sage Timeslips 2013. When the setting is applied, the Sage Timeslips application prints on both sides of the paper and creates page breaks accordingly that “make sense” to the bill. For example, the bill page breaks before or after the end or start of a transaction so the complete transaction is viewable on a single page.
Note: Your printer must have full duplex functionality to use this feature.

Easily exclude out-of-date charges from showing on bills
Be sure your client billings are clear and comprehensible for the time period you want. The new “restrict slip entry” feature gives you greater administrative control, reducing any potential confusion or questions about what is being changed when. Simply set the filter to limit slip entry after a predefined cut-off date so the system automatically warns of any slips that fall outside that timeframe. Your bills will always be timely and reflect appropriate costs.

Choose the time format YOU want
Sage Timeslips 2013 includes the option to show your time in decimal format as well as the usual minute increments. Select the one that makes the most sense for your business and clients.

Smart Time and Expense Entry
Tracking time and expenses, whether from one computer or from several simultaneously, is a simple process with Sage Timeslips. Flexible in its design, Sage Timeslips allows you to choose from many ways in which you can enter your information. Use the stopwatch timer to track your activities, or simply enter all of your time at once into a time sheet. An extensive list of tools and preference settings make the process of time and expense entry as effortless as possible.

    Entering Time and Expenses
    Sage Timeslips tracks time and expense entries using "slips" (hence the name Sage Timeslips). Slips are the individual records of your time and expense activities.

    Sage Timeslips provides different methods of time tracking to match how you work. Users can enter individual time and expense slips, enter time with Time Sheet Entry, or use TS Timer to track their time throughout the day.

      Slip Entry
      Accommodates every detail of your activities and includes helpful features like a stopwatch timer, custom abbreviations, spell-check, markups, mass update, and more. Slip Entry includes the Stopwatch Timer. Instead of guessing at how much time you spend on tasks, turn on the stopwatch timer to automatically track time as you work-even if it's more than one task at a time!

      Time Sheet Entry
      Enter time quickly with a simple spreadsheet-type Time Sheet interface. Timesheet entry includes a simple timer to help track your time.

      TSTimer is a compact version of the time entry portion of Sage Timeslips that makes it easy to track time even when Sage Timeslips isn't open! Simply make a single click on the TSTimer system tray icon and a time entry is created with an active timer.

    Create Slips by E-mail
    Create your slips from any e-mail-capable device. Sage Timeslips now includes the ability to turn an e-mail into a time or expense slip. Simply send an e-mail in the required format, and a new slip will be created in Sage Timeslips. This feature now makes it possible to create a slip from virtually any Smartphone with e-mail capabilities. The ability to receive slips sent by e-mail requires Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007 on the computer that receives the slips. Receiving slips is not compatible with Outlook Express or Web-based e-mail.

    Integration with Microsoft Outlook
    Turn Microsoft Outlook items such as e-mails, meetings, appointments, and tasks into billable slips in just a few clicks.

    Spell Check with Grammar Check
    Create professional bills and statements. With the spell and grammar checks, you can be sure to create error-free slips and bills. An on-screen visual indicator will help you catch misspellings and resolve grammar mistakes.

Intuitive Bill Generation
Sage Timeslips offers many capabilities for printing bills. You can print to display, a printer, RTF, or PDF files. Sage Timeslips supports industry standard electronic billing formats, for example LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor. You can also reprint bills to PDF for easy electronic storage and distribution. Your billing administrator can also chose whether or not each slip requires approval before being invoiced to the customer. Choose from multiple billing arrangements for each client including hourly, flat, contingency, percent complete, and more!

    Billing Assistant
    With centralized control over the billing process, users can easily access and manage billings. The billing workflow helps create and review bills while tracking the status of individual bills-all within one function. Filtering capabilities, a streamlined user interface, better controls, and one-click access to Bills and Pre-Bill Worksheets all help users efficiently manage the billing process.

    Screen-Based Interface
    Increase efficiency with screens that are easy to understand and use in the Billing Assistant. Key functions are easy to access.

    Filtering Capabilities in Billing Assistant
    Customize your billing by setting up parameters to determine when clients should be billed. For example, Sage Timeslips can be set up to create bills for clients who have not been billed in 30 days, when clients hit a billing limit, or any other billing scenarios.

    Billing Controls
    Gain control of bills directly from the Billing Assistant. The ability to approve bills, clear bills, or place bills in proof, revision, or audit stages means all aspects of the billing process are under your control within one area.

    Billing Access
    Quickly and easily view two key reports, Bills and Pre-Bill Worksheets, through one-click access. You will also have easy access to billing history, interest calculations, and consolidated billing details.

    Electronic Billing
    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a common way to exchange billing information in an electronic format in many industries today. To help meet this need, Sage Timeslips has interfaces that allow you to generate bills that conform to many e-billing standards often required by corporate clients.

    Intuitive Bill Design Tool
    The powerful bill design tool displays a full bill on screen with simple drag-and-drop customization. Drop in your logo, add and remove fields, change fonts, and reorder sections to get just the look you and your clients want. Intuitively, the design displayed on screen is what the printed bill will look like.

    Bill Layout Cover Page
    Easily summarize your bill details. Provide a clear, concise overview of each client's bill. This cover page can summarize client-specific details, such as the amount due and current balance, in any format you choose.

    Bill Preview
    Easily, quickly, and directly edit bills during the billing review process. Remove entire bills or individual slips from printing while previewing then or edit bills directly from the preview dialog to ensure clients are accurately billed in a timely manner.

    Send Bills and Statements by E-mail
    Deliver bills and statements for your clients more quickly and conveniently by e-mailing them directly from Sage Timeslips. You can also send reprinted bills to clients by e-mail.

    Generate Envelopes and Labels
    Save time and increase accuracy through this automated system for generating envelopes and labels right along with bills. Avoid duplicate effort and ensure that the correct bill goes out to each client.

    Print Bills to Preprinted Forms
    Sage Timeslips includes bill templates that are perfectly formatted to match preprinted invoice forms sold by Sage. These forms can be customized with your logo and company information, giving your invoices a clean, professional look. Additional fees apply for the purchase of printed forms.

    Split Bills
    Split billing allows you to split charges automatically from one client to one or more other clients.

    Slip Approval
    Maintain better control over your billing. Explicitly determine which time and expense slips should be included on bills by mandating that all slips of specified timekeepers require approval. You can choose whether or not you would like to include unapproved slips in reports.

    Reprint Bills
    Additional copies of past bills are easily sent to a printer, display, PDF, or even e-mail.

    The process of reprinting only unpaid and partially paid bills is a one-step process in Sage Timeslips. To locate key information more easily, you can even sort the list by the largest balance. These reprinted bills can then be sent to your clients as notices of their outstanding balances.

Simple Report Design and Customization
Sage Timeslips contains over 100 predefined reports designed specifically to meet the needs of service professionals. Sage Timeslips includes the ability to create custom reports and graphs. Get detailed or summary reports of every task performed in your firm. And use the intuitive report wizard to walk through the steps of setting up the right report.

Sage Timeslips includes the ability to:

  • Create custom reports and graphs.
  • Get detailed or summary task reports.
  • Set up custom reports with the help of the intuitive report wizard.

    Intuitive Report Design Tool
    Sage Timeslips provides customizable reports for information such as slips, clients, timekeepers, tasks, expenses, and transactions. This tool makes it easier to create new report templates and modify existing reports. You can easily design your reports the way you want them to look with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

    Interactive Reports
    Get to the source of your reporting data faster by clicking to drill down to the detail needed, make a change to the source data, save it, and your report is instantly updated with the new information.

    Add a Report Wizard
    Because of the extensive number of reporting options available, Sage Timeslips provides this helpful tool to help you select and generate reports.

    Other benefits
    In addition to powerful report designing tools, Sage Timeslips offers a wide variety of other tools and benefits:

    Report Preview
    Sage Timeslips includes over 100 predefined reports. To help you quickly locate the correct report, Sage Timeslips includes a "thumbnail" sample of each standard report. If you need more information prior to generating your report, you can review the brief description or launch a full example of the report.

    Print to Excel
    Customize your reports even further by printing Sage Timeslips reports to a formatted Microsoft Excel file. You can export the report information to an existing Excel file or create a brand-new worksheet. Once the data has been exported, you can modify the report in Excel as well as perform custom calculations on Sage Timeslips data.

    Sort Reports by Value
    See report information in the order you choose. Select reports can now be sorted by values. In one example, an Aged A/R Balance report can be sorted by total client balance, allowing you to locate key data more easily, especially in lengthy reports.

    Print Reports to Common Applications
    Most Sage Timeslips reports can be output to PDF, Word, and text file formats.

Complete Accounts Receivable and Retainer/Trust Account Management
Accounts Receivable invoice software allows for easy entry of bill payments and other transactions such as write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers.

You can choose from many of the available A/R reports included with the invoicing software and link with popular accounting packages, including Peachtree by Sage. Additionally, you can define your own aging periods, allocate payments to timekeepers, set up discount rules for early payments, and more.

    Sage Timeslips provides customers with aging receivables, invoices, payments and other accounts receivable transactions plus includes several reports that provide financial data for year-end reporting.

    Quick access to your data: Over ten different types of AR reports provide key insight into financial data for analysis, plus user-defined reports that are customizable.

    Reduced data entry: Sage Timeslips integrates with different accounting packages through the use of a general ledger transfer system to minimize double entry of data, saving time and preventing errors.

    Save time: Flexible options for searching for invoices, such as by invoice number or status, eliminates the need to search through multiple programs or drawers full of printed invoices.

    Search for both paid and unpaid invoices
    Allows customer to quickly identify paid, partially paid, and unpaid invoices for reprinting of bills.

    User-Defined Accounts Receivable Report
    Save time by building summary and itemized reports within Sage Timeslips based on A/R or fund records.

    Payments by Invoice Number
    Enter the invoice number that is being paid and the appropriate invoice transaction is displayed, ready for payment entry.

    Backdated A/R Report
    This report lists the accounts receivable balance of any client at any period in time. Simply enter a date and client name, and the balance as of the given date is displayed.

    Interactive Accounts Receivable List
    Quickly access transactions through an interactive listing. Simply select the transaction and apply the payment.

Additional Features
By leveraging over 20 years of experience and listening to valuable feedback from customers, Sage Timeslips has evolved to include many unique features that help set it apart from other time and billing products. These features are designed not only to simplify your billing cycle, but also to present you with critical information that will help you better manage your business.

    Scheduled Backup
    Ensure your Sage Timeslips data (and client information) is safe. The automatic, scheduled backup of your Sage Timeslips data ensures your important slip and billing details are not lost. Each backup file can have a unique name to help determine the most current information.

    Sage Timeslips Today
    Sage Timeslips Today is your interactive window to your entire bill cycle. Sage Timeslips Today can gather information from almost any area of the product and bring it together onto one customized view.

    Create your own Alerts so you never overlook important information. Alerts let you know when you've gone over budget, when a client's balance reaches a certain level, or any number of custom criteria. Trigger alerts can be set for specific clients, timekeepers, and tasks, saving valuable time. You can also create alerts for groups of clients, timekeepers, and tasks.

    Custom Fields
    Custom fields allow you to track every detail that's important to you. Create up to 30 custom fields for clients, timekeepers, and task names.

    Custom Preferences
    Dozens of preference settings let you tailor Sage Timeslips to the way you work. Change programwide terminology, create custom categories, set default values, and even turn off features you don't use.

    Networking Options
    Sage Timeslips is a single-station product that's network ready. Just add network stations for each networked computer in your office. Or take advantage of one of the Sage Timeslips Multi-User Value Packs, which come complete with your choice of 5 or 10 stations.

    For each user create unique, detailed security profiles, custom preferences, menus, and abbreviations, review audit trails to show you the date and time of any action performed, and so much more.

Easy to Start, Easy to Use
Get set up quickly and easily with the many useful tools provided with Sage Timeslips!

    Database Wizard
    Get started quickly with the Database Wizard for an easy way to build your database. This wizard walks you through creating a new database and prompts you for each piece of information needed to start up easily.

    Industry-Specific Templates
    Set up your database using a predefined template specific to your industry. These databases include terminology, task names, expense names, and custom fields familiar to your industry. Templates are available for several service-based industries, including legal, accounting, consulting services, architecture, and more!

    Training Videos
    Learn Sage Timeslips the easy way with interactive training videos. Get up and running quickly by learning basic Sage Timeslips features, or get even more from Sage Timeslips with videos on more advanced topics.

    Data Import
    A built-in text import utility allows Sage Timeslips to accept data from other applications or your old billing system. If you can produce data in a delimited text file, Sage Timeslips will import information like client names, addresses, balances, rates, task lists, and more. Setup time is reduced dramatically when you do not have to reenter your data.

    Smart Configure
    Save time by using only the functionality you need. Sage Timeslips detects unused features and after a predetermined period of time offers either to disable those features or to help you learn more about them. This feature helps to simplify your usage of Sage Timeslips and to personalize it to meet your needs.

    Name-Specific Alerts
    The powerful alert functionality in Sage Timeslips can trigger name-specific alerts. Alerts can be created for specific clients, timekeepers, and tasks, saving valuable time.. If needed, you can also create alerts for groups of clients, timekeepers, and tasks.

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate or Professional, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, Windows XP SP3
Min CPU500 MHz Intel Pentium Processor, AMD, or compatible processor; 1 GHz or higher processor recommended
Min HDD300 MB free hard disk space for installation (excluding your database) additional space required when printing bills to PDF; 75 MB additional for database
Min RAM1GB RAM; 2GB or higher recommended
Min Screen RequirementsSVGA or better resolution supporting 1024x768 and 256 colors; 1024x768
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive, 4x or higher recommended; PC-compatible keyboard, mouse, and printer
Other Software RequirementsAdobe Reader

Extra Details

System Requirements
Customer registration and acceptance of the License Agreement for Sage Timeslips Software

Operating System

  • Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, Windows XP SP3
  • PC compatible with 500 MHz Intel Pentium Processor, AMD, or compatible processor; 1 GHz or higher processor recommended


  • 1GB RAM; 2GB or higher recommended

Hard Disk

  • 300 MB free hard disk space for installation (excluding your database) additional space required when printing bills to PDF; 75 MB additional for database


  • SVGA or better resolution supporting 1024x768 and 256 colors; 1024x768 or higher recommended


  • Network connectivity requires a network adapter appropriate to your type of network; highest quality network hardware is recommended


  • Adobe Reader to review PDF files (Adobe Reader v9 is included on the Sage Timeslips Installation CD-ROM); additional 25 MB hard disk space required for Adobe Reader installation
  • CD-ROM drive, 4x or higher recommended
  • PC-compatible keyboard, mouse, and printer
  • 14.4 KBps modem if using the dialing features within Sage Timeslips; 56 KBps modem recommended
  • Sending bills and statements by email requires MAPI-compliant email program such as Microsoft Outlook; not compatible with Outlook Express and AOL email
  • Receiving slips by email requires Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2003 on the computer that receives the slips
  • Outlook integration requires Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007 or 2003
  • Print to Excel feature requires Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 or 2003
  • Merge functionality in Customer Letters requires Microsoft Word 2010, 2007, 2003
  • Internet connection required for using Sage Timeslips web features; high-speed Internet connections recommended
  • Sound card and speakers recommended for enhanced interaction


Product information, specifications, and compatibility are for advisory purposes only, and is the buyers full responsibility to verify with the manufacturer prior to ordering.