Nuance PaperPort 14 Standard

Nuance PaperPort 14 Standard
  • Platform: Windows
  • Manufacturer: Nuance
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Full Edition
  • MPN: 6809A-G00-14.0
  • Stock Code: 366160
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Product Description

Nuance PaperPort 14 Standard is the fastest and easiest way to scan, share, search and organise documents, files and photos. PaperPort 14 on your PC now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files however it's convenient for you - using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device The visual document desktop along with one button scanning creates large clear thumbnails of all your documents that you can move and stack like paper, making Microsoft Windows more productive. It's no wonder millions of people worldwide rely on PaperPort to eliminate paper, get more organised and achieve new levels of personal efficiency.


PaperPort Anywhere: Access your Documents Anytime, Anywhere
PaperPort Anywhere, our new service for secure document access and storage, provides the benefits of your own on-line document repository in the cloud while delivering free mobile applications that enable you to access your documents stored in PaperPort Anywhere from anywhere and anytime.

PaperPort Anywhere connects seamlessly to your PaperPort desktop and allows you to upload files and folders directly from PaperPort to your PaperPort Anywhere storage portal. It delivers anytime-anywhere access to your cloud-based folders, files, documents, and photos via the convenience of popular web browsers for PC and Mac. It can automatically synch with your PaperPort desktop if you upload new files to PaperPort Anywhere, and it can work the other way around too if you put new files in your PaperPort desktop folders. You can manage your free PaperPort Anywhere account - up to 1 GB of free storage - from home, on the road, or wherever it is most convenient for you.

With PaperPort Anywhere, you can search and view documents by thumbnail, snippets or list; browse the uploaded PaperPort 14 folders; create and manage cloud-only folders, upload new files from any computer and much more.

PaperPort Anywhere: Intelligent Mobile Applications for Users on the Go
To support users who are looking to manage documents using their mobile devices, PaperPort 14 in conjunction with PaperPort Anywhere now provides mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Using these mobile applications, you can browse by folder, search by document content or name, view documents and take pictures and upload documents - all from the convenience of a mobile device.

PaperPort 14 Desktop Enhancements
In addition, PaperPort 14 also delivers some significant new desktop enhancements, including:

  • PaperPort Anywhere Sync Connector: The connection from the PaperPort desktop to the PaperPort Anywhere service is achieved by means of the PaperPort Anywhere Sync Connector. This Windows system tray application provides the capability for you to sign in to the PaperPort Anywhere service from the PaperPort desktop, monitor storage usage and control which folders you want synchronised across the cloud.
  • The Nuance Cloud Connector application: Now you can gain access to a number of cloud services, including Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Docs, and many more. Plus, files are accessed in the PaperPort folder directory, so you can scan, stack or unstack PDF files which are automatically uploaded in the cloud.
  • Evernote "Send To" Connector: Drag and drop files to the Evernote Send To Connector, create a new note or add the document to an existing note. You can also right click on the Evernote connector and get files attached to any note so they are copied to the PaperPort desktop.
  • Scanning improvements: We've enhanced PaperPort's scanning capabilities to include scan and open a document with one press of a button, create and save default custom file names and create PDF/A directly from your scanner.
  • New Scanner Enhancement Tools (SET): The Scanner Enhancement Tools help you create perfect scans right from the start or fix any scanning imperfections manually. New tools to clean edges of scanned documents include punch-hole removal, auto-cropping and border cleaning. The new despeckle feature helps you clean black and white - especially halftone - images from black dots for better image quality and OCR results.
  • Support for favourite web page bookmarks : Now you can select from any of your stored favourite web page links using PaperPort 14 and open within your browser application. PaperPort 14 presents you with the list of the saved web page bookmarks of your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers so you start browsing from PaperPort.


PaperPort 14 is our popular scanning and document management software application designed for home office use. An easy to use combination of traditional file cabinet and digital document desktop, PaperPort 14 enables you to scan organise, find and share all of your documents and photos from your PC. It enhances the capabilities of your scanner or all-in-one device to quickly transform paper - mail, photos, legal paperwork, tax information, forms, bills, receipts warranties and other important documents - into high quality, searchable PDF files with the click of a button. It even puts all the PDF files on your desktop in clearly marked, colour coded folders, so information is always at your fingertips.

Customers use PaperPort 14 to:

  • Reduce paper clutter all over the house
  • Empty desk drawers and get rid of bulky file cabinets
  • Scan, view, edit and share PDF files with unprecedented speed and ease
  • Find documents instantly
  • Organise and manage all documents in one easy to use software application
  • Bring greater efficiency to home based businesses, personal finances, school work photo collections, hobbies and other endeavors

Get more organised
PaperPort provides a single way to scan paper and access, view, edit and convert files on your PC. PaperPort Anywhere, included free, extends the power of accessing and viewing to any device with a browser plus apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which means you'll never lose another document.

Be an expert in no time
PaperPort reduces the complexity of scanning to a single push of a button. Setup is a breeze and once you get started, you will quickly have all your documents stored and accessible in one easy to use application.

Go green
Reduce waste and conserve energy by putting an end to your reliance on printing, faxing and mailing. You'll save money, too.

Keep track of documents
Once a document is filed electronically in PaperPort 14, it will never be lost, damaged or accidentally thrown away.

Get more done faster
PaperPort 14 includes a powerful PDF Viewer that can replace the free AdobeReader, so you can view, edit and share PDF documents like never before.

Find information instantly
Now you can create searchable PDFs from digital files and scanned paper documents. Just enter keywords or phrases into Windows or Google Desktop Search and quickly locate a specific file.

Clean up and enhance digital photos
Make your digital photos look better than ever with a feature rich set of photo tools and optimal resolution for screen and print.

Convert paper into text
Just drag and drop onto any text application on the PaperPort Send To bar to turn scanned document images into editable text for use in popular word processing or spreadsheet software.

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
FormTyper converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms you can fill out, save as PDF and email. It's fast, easy and automatic.

Works with any scanner
Make your all-in-one printer, mobile scanner or desktop scanner faster and easier to use with PaperPort 14. Get better results, too.

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaDVD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows XP 32-bit SP3, Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit) with SP2 or higher, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Min CPUIntel Pentium compatible or newer CPU
Min HDD700 MB
Peripheral DevicesDVD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard

Extra Details

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Pentium compatible or newer CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 700 MB free hard disk space for application files. Additional free space is required for Microsoft. NET Framework 4 and the other prerequisites if they are not present on the system
  • Windows compatible pointing device

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP 32-bit SP3
  • Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit with SP2 or higher
  • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

Supported Web Browsers (Favourites and PDF Viewer)

  • Internet Explorer 7 or above
  • Firefox 3, 4 and 5
  • Chrome 4 or above
  • DVD-ROM drive (required for installation)

PaperPort Anywhere, Nuance Cloud Connector, Online Activation, Registration and Live Update

  • Internet connection and web access necessary
  • PaperPort Anywhere includes 1 GB of storage. Terms subject to change. Visit for details.

Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large colour PDF files.

Technical Support: Nuance offers technical support via phone and email. Visit for our current support policy.


Product information, specifications, and compatibility are for advisory purposes only, and is the buyers full responsibility to verify with the manufacturer prior to ordering.