Microsoft Windows XP Home (SP2)

Microsoft Windows XP Home (SP2)
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Product Description

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is the next version of the Windows operating system, which is designed exclusively for home computing. Windows XP Home Edition puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP Home Edition brings you into the digital age with ease. Built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition also sets the new standard in efficient and dependable computing. A new visual design, reliable Windows engine, and new Internet security features combine with capabilities for sharing your computer to give you the most dependable Windows operating system yet.

Packed with multimedia features Windows XP Home Edition aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

Windows XP Home Edition gives you the freedom to experience more than you ever thought possible with your computer and the Internet. This is the operating system home users have been waiting for-because it offers serious stability, so you can have serious fun.

Create, Share, and Enjoy Movies on Your Computer With Windows Movie Maker, Windows XP Home Edition delivers great software that helps you create, edit, and share the home movies you make with either an analog or digital video camera. When your movies are complete, you can view them and share them with family and friends using Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

Communicate Any Time, Anywhere, with Your Computer Because staying connected is more important than ever before, Windows Messenger in Windows XP Home Edition provides features that let you communicate online with your friends and family any time, anywhere. Now it's easier to contact anyone, whether they’re just across town or all the way on the other side of the country. What's more, Windows XP has improved the way audio and video are processed and transmitted across the network, delivering an improved experience.

Record and Share Your Memories with Digital Photos, Windows XP is the best Windows operating system for working with digital photographs. You find support for digital cameras and other imaging devices, easy ways to view and manage image files, and lots of interesting ways to share photos with friends and family-including sending them by e-mail, posting them to a Web site, or printing them.

Discover, Download, Store and Play Your Favorite Music Windows Media Player for Windows XP is the true all-in-one way to enjoy music and video on your computer. Windows Media Player for Windows XP maximizes your system resources, creating high-quality audio and video files that take just over a third of the storage space as MP3 and other media file formats. That means you can store and enjoy more music on your computer.

Share All Your Home Computing Resources In many households, more than one person uses a single computer. Whether you have one computer or a whole network, whether your peripheral hardware includes a single printer or a wide range of devices, and whether you connect your devices and computers with conventional cables or new wireless technologies, Windows XP Home Edition helps everyone in your home access all of the resources they need, from printers to the family photo collection.

Designed to be the best operating system for home networking, Windows XP supports a complete set of home applications along with the infrastructure to support even richer experiences coming in the near future. Windows XP makes it easy for every computer on a home network to share a single connection to the Internet, to access peripheral devices including printers and CD-ROM drives, and to make files such as digital music or photos accessible to everyone. Windows XP supports wireless and home phone line network (HPNA) connectivity, which means you can set up a home network without having to drill holes and run cable. What's more, Windows XP Home Edition can be used as the server for Windows XP Professional, so you can take your work laptop home and plug it right in to your home network.

User Profiles Make Everyone's Computer Experience Unique User Profiles allow everyone who shares a home computer to create a distinct profile that has all of their favorite settings saved. Now, when you log on to your account, you find your choice of wallpaper on the desktop, the sites you've chosen in the Favorites folder in Internet Explorer, your preferences for viewing folders, and more.

The New Welcome Screen: Keeping it Personalized The Welcome screen can be personalized for everyone who uses a home computer. When you create a User Profile, either during Setup or from the Control Panel, you can personalize the Welcome screen by adding a photo or illustration next to your account name. You can also set a password on your account if you choose.

Fast User Switching Makes it Easy to Share a Computer With Fast User switching, you don't have to close the applications you're working on when someone else needs to use the computer. You simply switch out of your account and let the other person log on to his or her own account. For example, if you are working on a spreadsheet and someone else needs to check for an important e-mail, all you have to do is log off and let them log on. When they are finished, you just log back on-your spreadsheet and the other applications you were using will be open and waiting for you.

The Network Setup Wizard Guides You Through the Networking Process When you're ready to set up your own home computer network, the Windows XP Network Setup Wizard walks you through all the steps, making it easier than ever to link computers and devices. With a home network you can share files (including music and pictures), multiple printers, CD burners, and more.

Multiple Computers Use the Same Internet Connection at the Same Time The Internet Connection Sharing feature in Windows XP lets you share a single Internet connection among all of the computers on your home network. That means no more waiting for your turn when you want to use the Internet. In addition, the new Internet Connection Firewall helps keep your home network safe and secure.

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows XP
Min CPU233 MHz (300 MHz and better recommended)
Min HDD1.5 GB (varies)
Min RAM128 MB
Min Screen Requirements800x600
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard
Other Software RequirementsAdditional items or services required to use certain Windows XP features

Extra Details

This bundle includes Windows XP Home SP2 Upgrade and a previous version.


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