Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services - 20 Users CAL

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services  - 20 Users CAL
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Product Description

Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services for provides technologies that enable users to connect to virtual desktops, RemoteApp programs, and session-based desktops. With Remote Desktop Services, users can access remote connections from within a corporate network or from the Internet.
This is only a 20-users Client Access License (CAL) and does not include the full Windows Server 2012 product.

  • Unified administration experience - Administer your session and virtual desktop collections, configure your RemoteApp programs, manage your virtual desktops, and add servers to the deployment from one centralized console.
  • User personalization - User profile disks allow you to preserve user personalization settings across session collections and pooled virtual desktop collections
  • Less expensive storage - Pooled virtual desktops can use local storage live migration between host computers. Personal virtual desktops can use storage located on network shares.
  • Automated pooled virtual desktop management - Deploy and manage pooled virtual desktops centrally by using a virtual desktop template. Any changes, such as application installation or security updates, are installed on the virtual desktop template, and the pooled virtual desktops are then recreated from there.

Specifications / System Requirements

License TypeLicence Package
License Quantity20 Users


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