Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
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Product Description

Office PowerPoint 2003 is the presentation graphics application in Microsoft Office, which means it creates slides with bullet-points and nicely decorated backgrounds at the click of a wizard's button. PowerPoint 2003 includes new tools to help you create, present, and collaborate on presentations that have more impact.

Work Together and Share Presentations with Confidence
Now it's easier to collaborate on compelling presentations and share them with others.

  • Work together better. Save PowerPoint 2003 presentations to shared workspaces where other team members can get the latest version and check the presentations in or out. With shared workspaces you can save task lists, related files, links, and lists of members working on a project. Shared workspaces require Microsoft Windows Server 2003 running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Review with your team. Create a Document Workspace by using the Shared Attachment option when attaching your presentation in a Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 e-mail message. Your team can then use a task pane in the presentation to collaborate on and review the presentation. Document Workspaces require Windows Server 2003 running Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Control distribution of your presentations. Protect your company assets by preventing recipients from forwarding, copying, or printing important presentations by using information rights management (IRM) functionality. You can specify an expiration date for a presentation, after which it cannot be viewed or changed. IRM functionality requires Windows Server 2003 running Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).
    NOTE: With Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, you can use PowerPoint 2003 to create IRM-protected presentations and grant other users permission to access and modify your presentations. You can also apply policy templates to IRM-protected presentations you create. With Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003, Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003, and Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 you can read IRM-protected presentations; with permission, you can modify them as well.
  • Broaden your reach. Package for CD makes it easy to create all the files you need to burn your presentation to a CD and give it to customers. The presentation automatically launches in Slide Show mode when the recipient inserts the CD into their CD drive.
  • Have more people see your work. An improved PowerPoint Viewer enables people without PowerPoint installed on their computers to view your presentations. Authors of the PowerPoint 2003 presentation can choose to include the viewer for the recipient when saving the presentation to a CD.

Impress Your Audience
Use PowerPoint 2003 to create exciting slide shows with graphics, animations, and multimedia-and make them easier to present.

  • Present slides with ease. The improved Slide Show mode makes it easier to give a presentation. Use an improved on-screen user interface (UI) and ink annotation tools-including a highlighter, arrows, and two types of pens.
  • Add impact with graphics. While working in PowerPoint 2003, you can access Clip Art and Media on Office Online. Select from thousands of multimedia elements-including images, sounds, photos, and animations-to add impact to your presentations. Accessing Office Online requires a connection to the Internet.
  • Add excitement with custom animations. Use high-quality custom animations in PowerPoint 2003 to make your presentations come alive. Create animation effects such as moving multiple objects simultaneously or moving objects along a path (path animation), as well as easy sequencing for all of your animation effects, including exits.
  • Use multimedia to tell the story. Support for additional file types gives you enhanced capabilities to play video full screen and use playback to stop, start, or rewind your show, or to find content. PowerPoint 2003 supports Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx), Eastman Software's Work Manager for Exchange (.wmx), M3U, Windows Media Redirector (.wvx), Windows Media Audio Redirector (.wax), and Windows Media Audio (.wma) files. If a media codec is not available, PowerPoint 2003 and Microsoft Windows Media Player may attempt to download one.
  • Mark up slides. Add notes and illustrations while giving your presentation. If you're using a Tablet PC, you can choose colors and pen types that can help make your comments stand out.

Access Information at Your Fingertips
Find the information you need without having to leave PowerPoint 2003.

  • Get started faster. From the Getting Started and Help task panes, access Assistance on Microsoft Office Online. It provides help and assistance articles that are updated regularly from requests and issues of other users. Some functionality in these task panes requires a connection to the Internet.
  • Stay focused on your work. Find facts easily without leaving PowerPoint 2003 with the new Research task pane. It brings electronic dictionaries, thesauri, and online research sites into PowerPoint 2003 to help you find information and incorporate it into your presentation. Some functionality in the Research task pane requires a connection to the Internet.
  • Reduce errors and save time. AutoCorrect can automatically fix common spelling and typing errors, and replace abbreviations with full text.
  • Find information related to key words and phrases with smart tags. Smart tags are now featured in PowerPoint 2003. When a name, address, or other key word or phrase comes up, a smart tag icon appears and provides additional information and a list of actions you can take.

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows 2000 SP3/ Windows XP or later
Min CPU233 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
Min HDD150 MB
Min RAM128 MB
Min Screen Requirements800x600
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard

Extra Details

Microsoft Exchange Server is required for certain advanced functionality in Microsoft Office Outlook;
Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 running Microsoft Windows SharePoint™ Services is required for certain advanced collaboration functionality;
certain inking features require running Microsoft Office on the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition;
speech recognition functionality requires a Pentium II 400-MHz or faster processor and a close-talk microphone and audio output device;
Information Rights Management features require access to a Windows 2003 Server running Windows Rights Management Services


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