Your Account

When you register with Checkout you will enjoy the full benefits of our site when placing an order, such as order information, shipping tracking numbers and the ability to print invoices from the internet. The accounts section is divided into four sections.

Edit Account Information

You can control your account details here and make any changes whenever necessary (i.e. if you have recently moved home or wish to change your password). By default, these details are used as your billing details when placing an order.

Outstanding Orders & View Previous Orders

As soon as you place an order with us you can check its progress on the Outstanding Orders screen. This will display all of your outstanding orders, as well as any orders shipped within the last 10 days. Alternatively, you can View Previous Orders to review your entire order history with Checkout

There are four stages to the order process:

  • Processing — This is the first stage of the order process. It means your order has been placed successfully and is in the process of going through payment and security checks.
  • Shipped — If you see this it means your order has been shipped, partially or completely.
  • Completed — Once all items ordered have been despatched this will be displayed to confirm that the order has now been completely fulfilled.
  • Cancelled — If the order has been cancelled this will be highlighted here.

Features & Options Available

Order Details — You can view the entire order information to ensure that shipping & billing details are correct. If you do notice that you have made a mistake when ordering, please contact our customer services department who will gladly edit you order. Once an order has place you will not be able to edit it manually yourself.

Tracking — Once an order has reached the Shipped stage you can begin tracking your shipping by selecting Tracking under the Actions column. If you order has been despatched in separate consignments you will be able to see which items have left us and when.

You can view consignment number for your parcel, as well as a link to the couriers tracking service website. Tracking numbers are usually made available within 24 hours.

Invoice — If you need to print out a copy of your invoice you can do so by selecting Invoice under the Actions column. A PDF copy will automatically be generated. This feature is only available once the order has reached the shipping stage. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader to view the invoice, you can download it for free from here.