Datawatch Monarch 10.0 Professional Upgrade from Standard 9.0

Datawatch Monarch 10.0 Professional Upgrade from Standard 9.0
  • Platform: Windows
  • Manufacturer: Datawatch
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Upgrade Edition
  • MPN: FUP32C100-A01
  • Stock Code: 1095084
  • More: Datawatch Monarch
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
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Product Description

This upgrade version of Monarch Pro 10 will install only if you are a licensed user of Monarch 9 Standard Edition.

Monarch Pro 10 is a Windows-based business intelligence and reporting tool that is easy to use -- even if you're not a "power user" with advanced technology skills. Unlike traditional data mining tools, Monarch Pro easily mines data from existing text-based, PDF or XPS reports. It also lets you access and analyze data from database files, spreadsheets, ODBC sources, delimited text, and HTML files.

Whether you're a manager, analyst, accountant or auditor, you'll find Monarch Pro easy to use. This powerful data mining tool eliminates time consuming, error-prone work by transforming existing text-based or PDF reports into live, actionable data. Quickly. Easily. And, without programming


  • Imports Data Directly from virtually any corporate database, spreadsheets, database files, PDF files, HTML files and more
  • Extracts Data from Report Files produced on any mainframe, midrange, client/server or PC system
  • Exports Excel 2007 OpenXML (xlsx) spreadsheets as well as standard (xls) spreadsheets so you can work with your data in the format you want
  • Supports SharePoint repositories, including access and export
  • Works with Data in Monarch Pro to sort, filter, analyze, visualize and export data to a spreadsheet, database and other application
  • Creates New Views of Data using data extracted from existing reports, combine report-based data and/or database data
  • Easily Combines up to nine different data sources in one Monarch Pro session
  • Windows Vista Ready


  • Easily Integrates Data from existing business systems with desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, with no programming needed
  • Ends the Need to Re-Key Data from thick printed reports. With Monarch, the report becomes live data
  • Reduces Need for Custom Database Queries and Report Writing--a true self-service data access and analysis solution
  • Allows use of Trusted Data Sources such as financial statements, reports, etc. for auditing, accounting, financial analysis, inventory analysis and more
  • Provides Ability to Quickly and Easily Combine Data from multiple sources without programming

What's New In Monarch V10

New to both Monarch and Monarch Pro:

  • Report Window
    • Auto-Define Report Trapping
    • Color-Coded Templates
    • Deal Effectively with Missing Report Data
    • Shift Individually Selected Fields or Trap Characters to Left or Right
    • Define "Sticky Note" Bookmark Comments
    • Advanced Field Capabilities Enabled for Floating Fields
  • Table Window
    • Export Data to Pivot Table
    • Point-and-Click Filtering with "Value-Based" Data Filters
    • 14 New Date Functions
  • Summary Window
    • Burst Summary Data; Export Separate Spreadsheet or Workbook for Each Key Value Change
    • New Multi-Level Crosstab Summaries
    • Add Monarch Page Title to Exported Excel Files
    • Summarize Data Based on New Time Periods
    • Hide Measure Total Column for Across Key Summaries
    • Hide Accumulated Unmatched Values ("All Others") Summary Line
    • Choose From Standard Colors or the Custom Color Palette for Summary Coloring
    • Apply Formats for Summary Key Coloring to Related Measures, or Apply Grand Total and Subtotal Key Coloring to All Measure Columns
  • Table and Summary Window
    • Export Data to Excel 2007 XLSM Files
    • Export Data to Access 2007 ACCDB Files

New to Monarch Pro:

  • Open PDFs 2x Faster
  • Import Data From Microsoft XPS Files
  • Import Data From Excel 2007 XLSM Files
  • Table Verify

Monarch Pro 10: Datasheet

Monarch Pro 10: Overview

Monarch Pro 10: System Requirements

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License TypeUpgrade Package
License Quantity1 User
Upgrades FromMonarch 9 Standard
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows XP Home/Professional SP2, Windows 2003 Server SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server
Min CPUPentium 4 (Core 2 Recommended)
Min HDD200MB disk Space for Installation
Min RAM1GB RAM (2GB RAM Recommended)
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard

Extra Details

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP Home/Professional SP2, Windows 2003 Server SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 200 MB Disk Space for Installation
  • Pentium 4 CPU
  • 16-Bit Color Display
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • .NET Framework 3
  • Microsoft Office XP/2003 or Microsoft Office XP/2003 Web Component for HTML Exports

Import Formats

  • Fixed length ANSI or ASCII text (TXT, PRN, SDF, etc.)
  • PDF
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • XLSM
  • XPS
  • MDB
  • Delimited Text Files
  • HTML
  • DB
  • DBF
  • WKx

Import Data Sources

  • Any OLE DB Sources
  • Any ODBC Sources

Export Formats

  • Excel 3.0 - 2007(xls), Excel 2007 (xlsx/xlsm)
  • PDF
  • Access 1.0 - 4.0 (mdb), Access 2007 (accdb)
  • ANSI and ASCII Text Files
  • Delimited Text
  • HTML
  • Portable Report File (PRF)
  • Paradox 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 7.x
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3 (wk3)
  • dBASE III, IV, and 5.0

Monarch Pro 10: System Requirements


Product information, specifications, and compatibility are for advisory purposes only, and is the buyers full responsibility to verify with the manufacturer prior to ordering.