Borland C# Builder Architect 1.0

Borland C# Builder Architect 1.0
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Product Description

Maintain design integrity throughout your development lifecycle: C#Builder is designed to enable seamless integration of the modeling, development, and runtime phases so you can deliver better software, faster. Offering technologies for flexible, high-performance support and integration with enterprise databases - as well as direct communication with CORBA and J2EE technologies from your .NET applications - C#Builder is optimized for enterprise .NET development. C#Builder helps boost the productivity of your development team, the quality of your .NET applications, and the return on your technology investment.

Designed to accelerate the application development lifecycle, Borland C#Builder Architect delivers a design-driven, pure C# development solution for .NET.

C#Builder Architect for the Microsoft® .NET Framework

With native support and flexible integration for major enterprise-class databases, C#Builder gives developers the freedom to maximize their skills and increase productivity with their chosen database. C#Builder includes feature-rich integrated database development tools and tight integration and support for change management systems, designed to speed the application development lifecycle. C#Builder also offers a developer license for creating .NET applications that interoperate directly and seamlessly with CORBA and J2EE infrastructures, enabling teams to adopt a C# solution while maximizing existing investments and expertise.

C#Builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Code visualization, powered by Borland Together technology, provides a surface diagram view of the C# code, enabling you to visualize, analyze, navigate, and communicate the architecture of the application. Use the ASP.NET framework to build robust WebForms and Web Services applications with the two-way visual development environment and dynamic integrated HTML editor. C#Builder delivers advanced debugging, editor, and modeling tools, all designed to help accelerate .NET development.

Borland C#Builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework delivers a pure development solution for .NET, designed to speed the complete application lifecycle in today’s IT-heterogeneous enterprises. Supporting a variety of popular enterprise databases and integration platforms, C#Builder helps increase productivity and application quality while decreasing time-to-market through design-driven development.

Improve team development with integrated support forteam collaboration

Putting control of the application development lifecycle process in the hands of project teams, the C#Builder LiveTeam source control interface allows projects to be seamlessly checked in and checked out of popular change management systems. This helps reduce duplication of effort and increase productivity by supporting the management of assets and application lifecycle tasks.

Develop robust Web Services with ASP.NET

Use C#Builder and the ASP.NET framework to build robust XML Web Services and rich server-side dynamic HTML applications with ASP.NET WebForms. Deliver better e-business solutions faster with the high-productivity LiveTools visual development environment and the dynamic integrated HTML editor built exclusively for ASP.NET.


  • Harness the power of the standards-based C# development environment for the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Accelerate model-powered development with design-driven capabilities
  • Lower integration costs in mixed IT environments
  • Deliver high-performance enterprise database solutions for ADO.NET
  • Improve team development with tightly integrated support for team collaboration
  • Develop robust Web Services with ASP.NET

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemWindows 2000 Server & Pro/XP/Server 2003
Min CPU450 MHz Pentium II-class processor (900 MHz+ recommended)
Min HDD250 MB
Min RAM128 MB (256 MB recommended)
Min Screen Requirements800x600
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard


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