Apple Panther Version 10.3 Family

Apple Panther Version 10.3 Family
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Product Description

Panther introduces the most revolutionary advance in productivity for a desktop windowing system in years. It’s called Exposé. With advanced virtual and protected memory, Mac OS X lets you have scads of applications open at the same time without fearing data loss in other apps if an unruly program crashes. And with several documents open per application, you could end up with dozens of open windows. Finding a window you worked on an hour ago can become a challenge. Exposé lets you instantly see all your open windows at once, then switch to the right one. Or see just the windows of the current program. Or the files on your desktop.

Panther includes iChat AV so you can have face-to-face conversations in high-quality, full-screen video over the Internet with an iSight or DV camera. Or make voice calls with crystal-clear audio anywhere in the world over 56K modem. Of course you can still text message with anyone on the AIM and .Mac networks. Use iSight to set your buddy picture.

Fast User Switching makes it even easier to share your system with other people. You can let them log into your Mac without quitting any of your applications. Then with one click, you can switch back to your desktop with all documents and applications exactly as you left them. Panther uses an elegant 3D transition to move between user accounts.

Specifications / System Requirements

Version10.3 Family Pack (5 User)
Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity5 Users
System Requirements:
Min CPUPowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor
Min RAM128 MB
Peripheral DevicesUSB

Extra Details

*This family pack includes five user licenses.*

Finder. Everything you need, just a click away.
With your favorite folders, hard drive, iDisk, servers, and removable media always located at the left of every Finder window, you can work smarter and faster. Color-coded labels make it easy to find and organize important files or folders.

iChat AV. Go face to face. Anyplace.
Personal video conferencing has arrived. Use iChat AV for person-to-person conversations in high-quality, full-screen video over the Internet. Have voice chats with crystal-clear audio. All from anywhere in the world.

Expos. Find the window you need. Now.
Expos gives you instant access to any open window with a single keystroke. Display all open windows as thumbnails, view windows of the current application, or hide all windows to quickly locate a file on your desktop.

FileVault. Safe, secure, and speedy.
At home and away, keep your valuable documents safe with powerful AES-128 encryption. FileVault automatically encrypts and decrypts the contents of your home directory on the fly.

Fast User Switching. Share well with others.
Share your Mac with other users quickly and painlessly. With one click, you can switch to your desktop with all documents and applications exactly as you left them. No need to log out from another user's account first.

Mail. Follow the thread of any discussion.
Quickly view, file, or delete related messages with the powerful new threaded view. See perfectly displayed HTML email, thanks to the Safari rendering engine. Simply drag and drop to address messages. Filter out junk mail with advanced spam filtering.

iDisk. Your online hard drive. Available offline.
Now you can access your .Mac iDisk when you're not connected to the Internet. Just work on the copy of your iDisk on your hard drive. Every time you connect to the Internet, all your iDisk files and folders synchronize automatically.

Font Book. Letter-perfect type management.
Make the most of every font you own with Font Book. Locate any font on your system with the search function. Preview and install fonts with just one click. Activate fonts individually or create sets to make them available in groups.

Preview. Tear through PDFs in no time.
Now there's no faster PDF viewer on the planet. Use Preview to open PDFs as well as EPS and PostScript files. Navigate and search text at lightning speed. Easily select and copy text or PDF graphics. View, crop, rotate, and copy images in a wide variety of formats.

Based on UNIX. Solid as a rock.
Beneath the intuitive interface of Mac OS X lies an open-standard, industrial-strength, UNIX-based foundation. X11 for Mac OS X and FreeBSD 5 commands and libraries make Mac OS X Panther the ultimate platform for UNIX users.

Windows. Join the network.
Panther makes your Mac welcome in any Windows network. Files, printers, and network services can easily be shared with Windows users. Microsoft Exchange support makes it easy to access your Exchange email and sync your Address Book entries.

Xcode. The ultimate toolbox.
Xcode is the fastest way to create Mac OS X applications. Combining a groundbreaking user interface with an all-new, high-performance toolkit that includes GCC 3.3, Xcode makes it easy to take advantage of the latest technologies from Apple.


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