Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Family Pack - 5 Users

Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Family Pack - 5 Users
  • Platform: Mac
  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Full Edition
  • MPN: MB022Z/A
  • Stock Code: 264322
  • More: Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard is packed with over 300 new features, installs easily, and works with the software and accessories you already have.


Desktop. A neat place to work.
From the menu bar to the stunning new Dock, the Leopard desktop isn't just about design. It's about enjoying the time you spend on your computer and getting more out of it.

  • Stacked in your favor - Take a look at your desktop. Is it cluttered with files you downloaded or saved there (somewhat less than) temporarily? You're not alone. Everybody does it. Time to clean house with Stacks--a brand-new feature in Leopard. Create Stacks from anything you want to access quickly from one place: a handful of documents, a group of applications, an entire folder.
  • An eye-opening experience - The new desktop has a semitransparent menu bar and a reflective 3D Dock that perfectly frame your desktop picture -- whether you use one of the beautiful included images or customize it with a favorite from your iPhoto library. Mac OS X Leopard Desktop Dock Screenshot The Dock has a bright active-application signal, and the look of Leopard extends to all applications

Finder. Give your files the rock star treatment.
Now browsing the files on your Mac is as easy as browsing music in iTunes. That's the idea behind the new Finder in Leopard. You can access everything on your system by flipping through your files using Cover Flow or by clicking items in an iTunes-style sidebar.

  • The sidebar steps up - Leopard brings new power to your old friend, the sidebar. Now items are grouped into categories: places, devices, shared computers, and searches--just like the Source list in iTunes. So with a single click, you're on your way to finding what you need.
  • Search party - Combine Cover Flow with Spotlight and you've got one amazingly powerful search tool. Just type your keywords in Spotlight or specify search criteria, then browse through the search results using Cover Flow.
  • Closer connections - With shared computers automatically displayed in the sidebar, you can find files on any Mac or PC on your network. You can even use Spotlight and Cover Flow when you search another Mac.
  • And now, back to my Mac - Ever need something on your Mac when you were thousands of miles from home? With Back to My Mac and a .Mac account, you can connect to any of your Macs at home from any Mac on the Internet.
  • Look deeper - From the Finder or the menu bar, Spotlight in Leopard lets you search for more specific sets of things. Use Boolean logic to narrow search results by entering AND, OR, or NOT in a search request.

Quick Look. Look before you launch.
Using Quick Look in Leopard, you can view the contents of a file without even opening it. Flip through multiple-page documents. Watch full-screen video. See entire Keynote presentations. With a single click.

  • Opening files is so 2006 - So you're flipping through files in the Finder. But you're looking for something specific and you don't have time to open lots of files to find it.
  • See everything - Quick Look works with nearly every file on your system, including images, text files, PDF documents, movies, Keynote presentations, Mail attachments, and Microsoft Word and Excel files
  • A Quick Look back in time - You can use Quick Look to your advantage when you're searching for files in Time Machine.
Desktop and Time Machine

Time Machine. A giant leap backward.
Time Machine is the breakthrough automatic backup that's built right into Mac OS X. It keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac -- digital photos, music, movies, TV shows, and documents. Now, if you ever have the need, you can easily go back in time to recover anything.

  • Set it, then forget it - You can start using Time Machine in seconds. The first time you attach an external drive to your Mac, Time Machine asks if you'd like to use that drive as your backup. Say yes and Time Machine takes care of everything else. Automatically. In the background. You'll never have to worry about backing up again.
  • Back up everything - Time Machine keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac. That includes system files, applications, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies, and documents. But what makes Time Machine different from other backup applications is that it not only keeps a spare copy of every file, it remembers how your system looked on any given day--so you can revisit your Mac as it appeared in the past.

Mail. Think outside the inbox.
Leopard transforms email into personalized stationery. Notes you can access anywhere. To-dos that change as your errands do. For everything you do with email -- and some things you haven't thought of yet -- there's Mail.

  • Sincerely yours - Mail for Leopard features more than 30 professionally designed stationery templates that make a virtual keepsake out of every email you send.
  • Noteworthy indeed - Ever email yourself a reminder that gets lost in your inbox? Mail lets you write handy notes you can access from anywhere.
  • Much ado about to-dos - Forget manually adding a new item to your to-do list every time an email hits your inbox. Mail Tasks Simply highlight text in an email, then click the To Do button to create a to-do from a message.
  • Spotlight on Mail - With smarter relevance ranking in Spotlight, you'll find the right email at the top of the search results list.
  • Stop the presses - Subscribe to an RSS feed in Mail and you'll know the moment an article or blog post hits the wire. Even better, you can choose to have new articles appear in your inbox alongside your latest email messages.
  • Data, detected - Say you get an email invitation to dinner. What if Mail recognized the address of the restaurant and let you map directions on the web? Or let you click once to add the date to your iCal calendar?
  • Setup made simple - Now you can set up a new Mail account in one easy step. Just enter your current email address and password and let Mail do the rest. Mail works with the most popular email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail, automatically configuring those cryptic server settings for you.
iChat Tabs, Video Effects and Video Chat Theater

iChat. Not being there is half the fun.
Filled with cool new features, iChat turns any video chat into an event. Video backdrops, Photo Booth effects, photo slideshows, Keynote presentations, even movies on your Mac -- you can share it all using iChat.

  • Chat for effect - Transform your video chats using new Photo Booth effects. Add kapow! to a chat with the comic book effect.
  • Show off (without showing up) - Why wait for a darkened room and a projector to present vacation photos or Keynote slides? Now you can do it all remotely, right in iChat. Put on an entire photo slideshow, click through a Keynote presentation, or play a movie--in full screen, accompanied by a video feed of you hosting--while your buddy looks on. In fact, you can show any file on your system that works with Quick Look.
  • Share and share alike - Thanks to iChat screen sharing, you and your buddy can observe and control a single desktop with iChat, making it a cinch to collaborate with a colleague, browse the web with a friend, or pick plane seats with your spouse.
  • Chatting for the record - Now you can save your audio and video chats for posterity with iChat recording. Before recording starts, iChat notifies your buddies and asks for their permission to record.
  • Crystal-clear audio - iChat uses the AAC-LD audio codec to deliver the clearest possible sound during audio chats. A wideband codec that samples a full range of vocal frequencies, AAC-LD sounds great with any voice.
  • AIM to please - iChat works with AIM, the largest instant messaging community in the U.S. You and your buddies can be either AIM or .Mac users.

Spaces. Room for everything.
You do a lot on your Mac. So how do you keep order when projects pile up? Easy. Use Spaces to group your application windows and banish clutter completely. Leopard gives you a space for everything and makes it easy to switch between your spaces.

Safari. Still the world's best web browser.
Now your favorite web browser is also the fastest on the planet. With page load speeds to rival every other major browser, Safari for Leopard also introduces a few new features to the mix.

Parental Controls. Safety first.
As a parent, you want your kids to have a safe and happy experience on the computer. Leopard keeps an eye out even when you can't. With a simple setup, you can manage, monitor, and control the time your kids spend on the Mac, the sites they visit, and the people they chat with.

Boot Camp. Run Windows on your Mac.
Leopard is the world's most advanced operating system. So advanced, it even lets you run Windows if there's a PC application you need to use. Just get a copy of Windows and start up Boot Camp, now included with Leopard. Setup is simple and straightforward -- just as you'd expect with a Mac.

Apple Mac OS X Leopard : System Requirements

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaDVD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity5 Users
System Requirements:
Min CPUIntel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
Min RAM512 MB
Peripheral DevicesCD- or DVD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard
Other Software RequirementsSome features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply

Extra Details

System Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
  • 512MB of memory
  • DVD drive for installation
  • 9GB of available disk space
  • Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
  • Some features require Apple's .Mac service; fees apply.

Apple Mac OS X Leopard : System Requirements


Product information, specifications, and compatibility are for advisory purposes only, and is the buyers full responsibility to verify with the manufacturer prior to ordering.