Apple Final Cut Pro HD 5 (Mac)

Apple Final Cut Pro HD 5 (Mac)
  • Platform: Mac
  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Full Edition
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Product Description

Final Cut Studio combines the industry-standard Final Cut Pro 5, including powerful SD, DV and HD editing capability with the real-time design engine of Motion 2 for stunning motion graphics, the flexible audio creation and control tools of Soundtrack Pro and the sophisticated SD and HD DVD authoring features of DVD Studio Pro 4.

Elevate production values with powerful editing tools, revolutionary sound design, real-time motion graphics and next-generation DVD authoring, all in one affordable package. Edit virtually any format, from film to DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD--complete with simultaneous multicamera playback--in real time. Create, manipulate and fix audio. Create eye-popping motion graphics with GPU-accelerated, 32-bit float rendering. Then author your finished product to DVD, complete with highly interactive titles and fast, distributed encoding. Do it all with Final Cut Studio and its integrated, state-of-the-art applications.

Final Cut Pro 5
The first choice for professional editors everywhere, Final Cut Pro 5 delivers powerful and precise editing tools that work with virtually any format, from DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD. With a real-time multistream effects architecture, multicam editing tools, advanced color correction and intuitive integration with other Apple professional video and audio applications, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before.

See the Final Cut Pro 5 interface.

    From SD to HD, Final Cut Pro 5 is designed to handle just about any format you can throw at it.

    Working with multi-camera footage has never been easier.

    Dynamic real-time effects processing means you have more time to experiment and perfect your transitions and other effects.
  • Edit Anything: With native support for virtually any video format all in one application, Final Cut Pro 5 lets you edit everything from DV and SD to to DVCPRO HD and uncompressed high-definition video. Work with new formats like native HDV (long-GOP MPEG-2) and 50-Mbps IMX.
  • Native HDV Support: Unlike other solutions, Final Cut Pro 5 acquires HDV media via FireWire and keeps it in the original format, transferring it into the system without any generation loss. Output via FireWire back to an HDV camera or deck, or transfer your native HDV to DVD Studio Pro 4 for an end-to-end native HDV workflow.
  • Tapeless Workflow: Capture and output video frames accurately using professional decks, or go tapeless with built-in Panasonic P2 media support. View and browse P2 devices, then transfer the files you need directly into the Final Cut Pro 5 Browser.
  • Multicam Editing: Simultaneously view and cut from multiple sources in real time, thanks to new multicam editing for DV, SD and HD. Group up to 128 sources together into multi-clips, then add or subtract cameras at any time for maximum flexibility. Switch from shot to shot, with or without effects, and auto-assemble sequences based on time-of-day timecode.
  • RT Extreme with Dynamic RT: Save time with real-time effects processing on everything from DV to fully uncompressed HD. New Dynamic RT adjusts image quality and frame rate on the fly for optimal playback and scales performance as CPU power increases. You define Dynamic RT preferences for total control.
  • Multichannel Audio: Capture and output up to 24 channels of high resolution 24-bit, 96kHz audio in a single pass with Final Cut Pro 5. Fully compatible with MCP (Mackie Control Protocol) devices, Final Cut Pro 5 lets you use external audio control surfaces to mix and record multiple fader automations simultaneously. Mix and record multiple fader automation simultaneously and enjoy two-way communication between your system and the control surface.
  • Improved Xsan Support: Capture once, save time and share media with multiple editors using a consolidated storage pool powered by Xsan. Improved Media Management Tools provide support for reconnecting and managing files across large Xsan environments, budgeting your real-time effects according to available Xsan bandwidth.

Soundtrack Pro
Meet the next indispensable addition to your professional workflow. Sample-accurate and nondestructive editing in an intuitive interface make Soundtrack Pro the must-have tool for pro audio engineers and sound designers alike. Enjoy more than 50 effects from Logic Pro and over 5,000 Apple Loops.

See the Soundtrack Pro interface.

    The new Soundtrack Pro waveform editor makes it easier than ever to edit with extreme accuracy.

    Thousands of effects and loops are just a few clicks away.
  • Precise Audio Control: Manipulate audio in a breakthrough nondestructive, sample-accurate, action-based waveform editor. Reorder, suspend, modify and delete any edit, effect or process. Quickly identify, preview and fix common audio problems such as background noise, pops, clicks and hum. Stretch audio without affecting pitch.
  • Advanced Sound Design: Use more than 50 professional effect plug-ins from Logic Pro to enhance a dialog track, recreate the reverberant ambience of any space, create sound effects or design new music sounds and samples. Select the perfect audio bed for your project from more than 5,000 sound effects and music files using the intuitive Apple Loops browser.
  • Comprehensive Toolset: Get all the features you would expect from an advanced audio application including multitrack arranging and a console-style mixer with control surface support. What's more, you can use AppleScript to create batch processes for tasks you perform frequently, such as format conversions, noise reduction and normalization.
  • Integrated Workflow: Move back and forth between other Final Cut Studio applications for quick and easy audio touch-up or creation. Send entire sequences from Final Cut Pro 5 directly into the Soundtrack Pro multitrack editor or round-trip individual clips between Final Cut Pro and the Soundtrack Pro Waveform Editor. Record director's commentary for a DVD Studio Pro project or add a sound effect or transition audio to a Motion project. Or use Soundtrack Pro as a powerful waveform editor and sound design tool with Logic Pro, Logic Express or other digital audio workstation.

Motion 2
Nothing like your old-school motion graphics system, Motion 2 ushers in a new paradigm, offering true film-quality output, GPU accelerated real-time performance and an astounding tool set that lets you create advanced motion graphics with drag-and-drop ease, startling clarity and unprecedented color fidelity.

See the Motion 2 interface.

    Motion can tap your graphics card's GPU to deliver 32-bit float rendering for true film-quality motion graphics.

    The new Replicator makes it easy to create more robust actions from a single graphic.
  • GPU Accelerated 32-Bit Rendering: Motion is the world's first motion graphics software with GPU accelerated 32-bit float rendering for true film quality. 32-bit float rendering produces extremely fine color accuracy, eliminates banding artifacts and even improves quality when rendering to 8-bit formats. You get great detail, quality and range of color that automatically scales with new generations of GPUs and CPUs.
  • Replicator: An amazing new design tool, Replicator allows you to generate multiple copies of a single graphic, shape or movie and animate them in mesmerizing patterns. Just drag and drop the Sequence behavior to produce wave-like animations along grids, swirls, burst shapes or any user-defined layout.
  • New Filters and Effects: Motion 2 offers more than 500 filters, effects and particle presets, each and every one designed to take advantage of the stunning quality produced by 16 and 32-bit float rendering. Apply filters such as 3D Rotate, Extrude and Vignette that are fundamental to almost every project; explore unique Caustics and Membrane Generators or apply and modify dozens of new particle presets to produce animations that will stand out.
  • MIDI Behavior: Move beyond a single hand on a mouse or pen to enjoy the flexibility of multiple fingers on a MIDI control surface. With Motion 2, you can assign any number of filters or transform parameters to a MIDI knob, fader or pad with "Learn" mode. Because you get real-time, dynamic response to simultaneous inputs, you can even "play" Motion like a musical instrument for spontaneous live performances.
  • Integrated Workflow: You can now use Motion in conjunction with Adobe After Effects. All of the particle effects, Replicator designs and animations in Motion can be added to an After Effects "comp" without rendering. Making a change is as simple as selecting "Open in Editor" from the After Effects edit menu.

DVD Studio Pro 4
Showcase your HD content in HD resolution with DVD Studio Pro 4. Distributed network encoding allows you to quickly convert your source materials to a wide range of industry formats. Create professional-quality DVDs right away, developing more sophisticated commercial projects as your expertise grows.

See the DVD Studio Pro 4 interface.

    DVD Studio Pro 4 builds on the already outstanding DVD-authoring capabilities of past versions.

    Dramatically streamline the authoring process by using context-sensitive drop palettes.
  • Author in SD or HD: Showcase your HD content with integrated, scalable H.264 encoding that allows you to fit HD content on DVDs using existing drives and existing media. Create HD on DVD versions from existing SD projects. Go from native HDV to HD on DVD with no recompression from Final Cut Pro and save time by encoding HD and SD in one Compressor batch.
  • Distributed Encoding: Dramatically increase your HD and SD encoding speed by sharing the encoding workload over multiple computers. Offload encoding tasks to another machine and add encoding notes at no extra cost.
  • Integrated Dolby Encoder: Encode Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) surround sound audio, reduce uncompressed PCM audio file size without compromising quality--and display the Dolby logo on your final DVD.
  • VTS Allocation: Increase playback performance with VTS editing by allocating menus throughout VTS folders to overcome 1GB menu limitations.
  • GPRM Partitioning: GPRM partitioning gives you advanced scripting control options for highly interactive DVDs. And improved script commands allow jumps to motion menu loops so you avoid repeating introduction transitions.
  • Real-Time HD Preview: Preview color and surround sound on a second Digital Cinema Desktop while you work. Audition surround sound using S/PDIF (digital audio) out to an external DTS or Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoder.

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 User
System Requirements:
Operating SystemMac OS X v10.3.2 or later
Min CPU350 MHz or faster PowerPC G4 or G5 processor and AGP graphics card
Min HDD1 GB of available disk space for application installation 5 GB of disk space for Soundtrack content 9 GB of disk space for LiveType content
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive


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