Apple Aperture 2.1.1 Upgrade

Apple Aperture 2.1.1 Upgrade
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  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Full Edition
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Product Description

This upgrade version of Apple Aperture 2.1.1 will install only if you are a licensed user of Apple Aperture 1.0 or 1.5.

Aperture 2, Apple's groundbreaking photo editing and management software, gives photographers powerful tools to manage massive libraries, speed through photo edits, make essential image adjustments, and deliver photos online or in print with ease. Whether you're a professional photographer or a photo enthusiast, Aperture delivers a simple, integrated workfl ow that takes photos from import to output with uncompromising quality every step of the way.

With more than 100 new features, Aperture 2 delivers advanced, next-generation RAW image processing, signifi cantly faster image handling, powerful new image adjustment tools, a streamlined interface, and an integrated Mac workflow, making it the ideal workflow tool for people who are passionate about photography.

The Essential Tool from Import to Output
Aperture 2 has been designed to help photographers import, manage, enhance, and deliver photos in a single, integrated workflow that dramatically streamlines every aspect of digital photography.

  • Import images fast--manage them professionally - Aperture starts its flexible, fast image import the moment you attach a camera or memory card to your Mac. It instantly displays thumbnails of every image and offers streamlined ways to add copyright, keywords, and other metadata during import. You can also import photos from cameras, card readers, memory cards, DVDs, and hard drives, or pull shots directly from iPhoto.
  • Make selects quickly and easily - After adding hundreds of new photos to your library, Aperture provides the fastest and most efficient way to review them all and pick the very best. Aperture lets you edit photo shoots using tools such as Quick Preview mode for rapid-fire image review and Compare mode for easily evaluating images side by side. With Aperture, you can even zoom and pan multiple images at once for tight comparisons before making a pick.
  • Adjust and enhance images precisely - Aperture adjustment tools help you make your best photos look even better. Aperture takes you far beyond the basics of straightening, cropping, and improving exposure. Powerful toning controls let you correct exposure, fix white balance, set black point, enhance colors, and recover blown highlights and shadow detail. The soft-edged Retouch Brush removes spots, dust, and blemishes precisely.
  • Take the final steps and showcase your best work - Aperture makes it easy to deliver professional photos online or in print. With flexible export options and integrated online and print publishing capabilities built into Aperture, showcasing your work has never been easier.
  • Flexible export option - Save finished photos as JPEG, TIFF, or PSD. Output at exactly the size and resolution you want, embed ICC color profi les and metadata, and protect your photos with a watermark when you publish. Send photos to colleagues via Mail. Include the photos in iLife or iWork documents, taking advantage of the direct integration of Aperture with iMovie, Keynote, Pages, and other applications.
  • Publish online - Aperture offers fully integrated MobileMe Gallery support, so you can publish a portfolio using your MobileMe account in minutes. Use your password-protected Gallery to deliver photos, letting others download JPEG or original RAW masters directly from your site. With the effortless HTML-based Web Page and Web Journal options of Aperture, photographers have the tools they need for instant, effective web publishing.
  • Professional-quality books to order - Aperture provides all the tools you need to create custom-designed books in small, medium, and large formats. You can place, resize, rotate, and mask photos, so your book looks exactly the way you want. Hardcover books include a full-bleed, wraparound dust jacket. Choose from eight elegant designed themes, adjust to your own specifications, then place your order--all from within Aperture.
  • High-quality printing - With new built-in support for 16-bit printing, Aperture lets you produce high-quality prints with smoother gradients and better color fi delity. The new Print dialog also features print sharpening controls for fine-tuning sharpness for print. You can also order traditional lab prints directly from Aperture in a variety of sizes (wallet size to 20 by 30 inches).

Optimized for Speed
With Aperture 2, virtually every photo management task across the workflow is faster, thanks to powerful new preview and search options, a more streamlined user interface, and a more responsive database.

  • Quick Preview - The new Quick Preview mode in Aperture is a lightning-fast way to speed through high-quality image previews, browse and compare photos, and make selects with virtually no lag time. Quick Preview simply tells Aperture to load only the preview of each photo when it's selected, rather than decoding and loading the full-size master image.
  • Faster and More Powerful Searches - Rebuilt from the ground up, the revamped database in Aperture 2 is the key to dramatically faster searching and sorting, even when working with very large libraries. Powerful new search features, unavailable elsewhere, include the ability to search for images by adjustment (find all black-and-white images, for example) and to perform complex searches based on any combination of metadata fields.
  • Advanced Metadata Support - Sophisticated Aperture metadata tools make metadata tagging and editing rapid and effortless, at any stage of the workflow, even in full-screen mode. New features include the ability to embed IPTC metadata directly into master RAW files on export. And photographers can now precisely adjust the time and date stamps of images by a specific off set, to easily correct in-camera errors or to sync multicamera shoots.
  • Background Export - Aperture now exports images in the background, so photographers can continue their work uninterrupted while their final images are rendered and exported--an enormous time-saver.
  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts - Aperture speeds tasks even more by letting photographers create their own keyboard shortcuts. The visual keyboard interface for the Command Editor makes it easy to modify shortcut keys or create new ones. And the ability to save an unlimited number of shortcut sets for diff erent users or tasks, and to easily switch between shortcut sets, means that multiple users can work in the way that's most efficient for them. The Command Editor can also be used to look up existing keyboard shortcuts.
  • Faster Navigation and Scrolling - Major database improvements and a revamped thumbnail browser optimized for speed provide dramatically improved performance across the workflow.
  • Tethered Camera Support - The new Tether command in Aperture lets users of popular Nikon and Canon digital SLRs tether their cameras to a Mac and capture images directly into Aperture without relying on third-party software or scripting. It's easy to set up and provides studio photographers with immediate, full-screen feedback while they shoot.

Intuitive and Accessible
No other professional workflow application offers the ease and depth of Aperture photo management and editing tools, including a streamlined interface that's easy to navigate and puts tools where you need them.

  • Streamlined User Interface - The simplified user interface of Aperture is more intuitive and makes it easier to switch between viewing modes, so that your workspace is always optimized for the task at hand. A new Hide Browser option gives you maximum screen real estate for images, books, web pages, and light tables.
  • All-in-One Inspector - The new consolidated Inspector brings together the Projects, Metadata, and Adjustments Inspectors into one tabbed panel, maximizing screen space and making it easy to work effi ciently in Full Screen mode.
  • Innovative Project Skimming - In the new All Projects view, each Aperture project appears as a single thumbnail image--similar to the Events view in iPhoto--for easy visual skimming of all the projects in your library. You can slide your mouse pointer across a project to quickly skim the photos inside, defi ne a Key Photo for each project to serve as the "poster" image, and double-click a thumbnail to instantly open a project and go directly to the selected image.
  • iPhoto Browser - Aperture also makes it easier for iPhoto users to dive in and get great results with their images. The Show iPhoto Library command makes it easy to browse your entire iPhoto Library from right within Aperture, and drag selected iPhoto images--or even entire albums or projects--into Aperture projects.
  • Sample Projects - Aperture ships with four complete sample projects of professional images--including full-resolution RAW files--that are perfect for experimentation and learning. Some of the projects include adjusted images to help you understand how the adjustment and enhancement tools can be used most effectively.
  • Online Video Tutorials - Aperture includes a direct link to 50 video tutorials, each focused on a specific task in the Aperture workflow--from importing photos to making final prints. With nearly two full hours of video content, the targeted tutorials bring newcomers up to speed fast and help existing Aperture users get the most out of the new features.

Powerful Image Processing
Aperture provides all the essential tools that photographers need to get the highest quality out of their images, whether shooting RAW or JPEG. The application has been built around an all-new RAW processing engine that delivers remarkable quality that can be further enhanced with an arsenal of simple but powerful adjustment tools.

  • Next-Generation RAW Image Processing - Aperture introduces an unparalleled level of quality to RAW image handling, with an all-new RAW decode engine that delivers superior images with less noise, better detail, powerful highlight recovery, and improved color rendering.
  • Highlight Recovery and Black Point - Powerful new tools let you correct exposure and enhance images with precision, giving you a wider range of artistic control over how your images are rendered, and rescuing previously unsalvageable highlight and shadow detail. The new Recovery slider off ers remarkably effective recovery of "blown" highlights.
  • Vibrancy and Definition - Two new adjustments add remarkable detail and punch to your images. Vibrancy applies saturation selectively to unsaturated hues only and protects skin tones for more pleasing and realistic results. Definition adds superb clarity by applying local contrast to images to accentuate detail.
  • Vignette and Devignette - The new Vignette filter lets you apply either gamma- or exposure-based vignettes around the edges of your images for artistic effect. Exposure vignettes simulate lens-created vignetting by reducing exposure at the edges of an image. Gamma vignettes apply a gamma adjustment to pixels in the vignette area, resulting in a more pronounced effect.
  • Retouch Brush - A true soft-edged brush tool, the new Retouch Brush removes blemishes, dust spots, or other unwanted elements with precision. You can specify the brush softness and opacity for precise control over the desired effect. A Detect Edges option helps you preserve image detail when repairing spots adjacent to hard edges.
  • RAW Fine-Tuning - An expanded set of RAW fine-tuning controls give photographers even more control over tuning Apple's RAW decode on an image-by-image basis. Hue Boost, which lets you control the degree to which hues are preserved when the default tonal response curve is applied, can be particularly useful when rendering saturated highlights such as sunsets.
  • Highlight Hot and Cold Pixels - Highlight Hot and Cold Pixels is a new overlay option that makes it easy to see exactly which pixels in an image are completely white or black, so you can adjust tones and set a perfect black point. Aperture also includes out-of-range pixel overlays, which can be invoked on the fly by holding down the Command key while using the Exposure, Levels, Recovery, and Black Point tools. Photographers can choose between Color or Monochrome overlays.
  • Customized Default Adjustment Set - You can now specify which adjustments appear by default in the Adjustments Inspector/HUD. Include only the tools you use most frequently to save time setting up adjustments. This customized default adjustment set helps reduce screen clutter and makes navigating through adjustments faster and easier.
  • Plug-in Architecture - The open plug-in architecture in Aperture makes it easy for photographers to use specialized third-party image editing plug-ins for localized editing, filters and effects, noise analysis and reduction, fisheye lens correction, and more. By selecting one or more images within Aperture, you can choose from a menu of installed plug-ins and apply specialized imaging operations to either TIFF or RAW images.

  • Aperture 2.1 includes Dodge & Burn, a sample plug-in developed by Apple, that adds brush-based tools for dodge (lighten), burn (darken), contrast, saturation, sharpen, and blur. You can set the brush size, the softness of the effect, and the strength of the effect produced by the brush.

Enhanced Output
This seamless integration of Aperture with the rest of the Mac platform makes it a complete output solution. With built-in support for 16-bit printing and integrated print sharpening, Aperture produces superior-quality prints more easily than ever. Plus, the expanded book features let you design and publish one-of-a-kind, professional books with new sizes, themes, finishes, and layout tools.

  • Publishing to .Mac Web Gallery - New integration with MobileMe Gallery means photos can be published from Aperture to a password-protected photo gallery on MobileMe with just a few clicks. Visitors can view photos, download high-quality JPEG images or even RAW master files, and post their own images from any computer on any platform.
  • 16-Bit Print Support - Aperture produces superior-quality print output more easily than ever. Built-in support for 16-bit printer drivers from leading manufacturers means high-quality print output with smoother gradients and better color fidelity. And integrated print sharpening lets you dial in the exact amount of sharpening your printer needs, giving you sharper prints with more detail.
  • Custom Book Options - Aperture has expanded its photo book layout tools to make it easier to create one-of-a-kind photo books, professionally printed and bound by Apple and delivered to your door. Choose from eight professionally designed layout themes--two of which are new--as a starting point, but make the book your own by customizing the layout and adding your own borders to photo and text boxes.

Apple Aperture 2.1.1: What's New

Apple Aperture 2.1.1: System Requirements

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaDVD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeUpgrade Package
License Quantity1 User
Upgrades FromAperture 1.0 or 1.5
System Requirements:
Operating SystemMac OS X v10.4.11 Tiger; Mac OS X v10.5.2 Leopard
Min CPUPowerPC G4
Peripheral DevicesDVD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard
Other Software RequirementsGraphics Card

Extra Details

Minimum System Requirements

One of the following Mac computers:

  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook
  • Mac mini with an Intel Core Solo or Duo processor
  • iMac with a 1.8GHz or faster PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo processor
  • Power Mac G5 with a 1.6GHz or faster PowerPC G5 processor
  • 15- or 17-inch PowerBook G4 with a 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor

Memory requirements

  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GB of RAM for Mac Pro

One of the following graphics cards:

  • ATI Radeon X600 Pro, X600 XT, X800 XT Mac Edition, X850 XT, X1600, X1900 XT, 9800 XT, 9800 Pro, 9700 Pro, 9600, 9600 XT, 9600 Pro, 9650, HD 2400 XT, HD 2600 PRO, or HD 2600 XT
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 or 9600
  • ATI Mobility Radeon X1600
  • NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra, 6600, 6600 LE, 6800 Ultra DDL, 6800 GT DDL, 7300 GT, 7800 GT, 8600M GT, or 8800 GT
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 or FX 5600
  • Intel GMA 950 or GMA X3100

Minimum operating system requirements

  • Mac OS X v10.4.11 Tiger
  • Mac OS X v10.5.2 Leopard

DVD drive for installation

5GB of hard drive space for the application and sample projects

Apple Aperture 2.1.1: System Requirements


Product information, specifications, and compatibility are for advisory purposes only, and is the buyers full responsibility to verify with the manufacturer prior to ordering.